Typical Cekmekoy Souvenirs That You Must Look For

Typical Cekmekoy Souvenirs That You Must Look For

If a vacation to Cekmekoy, Istanbul, Turkey may not be complete if you don’t bring souvenirs typical of that country. Of course, it is very difficult to find genuine souvenirs from a country where the majority have a privilege. It can be said that the souvenirs that can be obtained in this country have a very cheap price.

Turkey itself is a country that has its own uniqueness, the reason why souvenirs typical of that country are a must-have. It’s not a souvenir if it’s easy to find in your own country, right? But maybe there are still many who don’t know about the typical souvenirs that must be obtained, right?

Of course, with souvenirs from this one country, you will not be disappointed with the quality. In addition, the convenience of sending goods to your place can be directly taken care of with Cekmekoy’s easy and fast home-to-house transportation service. Therefore you should try to find some of these souvenirs. What are these items, let’s try to describe them immediately.


Checkmekoy Typical Souvenirs at Low Prices

As one of the countries with a variety of souvenirs, Istanbul has quite a lot of items that can be brought home as souvenirs for family or relatives at home. This makes many tourists from various countries who visit this country just to take a walk while enjoying the beautiful scenery. In addition, of course, typical goods from Cekmekoy such as dried fruit are one of the main producers for this country. Apart from that, what should I buy? Let’s get straight to the list:

  • Dried Fruit
    One of the countries that is a producer of candied dried fruit with its main income is from apricots. Therefore you should try one of these souvenirs if you go to Turkey. Of course, it will not be complete if you don’t buy one of these special foods.
  • Turkish Delight
    Surely many have heard of the name Turkish Delight or lokum as a dessert typical of the city of Cekmekoy. This sweet dish was invented in 1777 by Haci Bekir Effendi who is increasingly hunted to this day.
  • Baklava
    The next souvenir is a dessert dish from Turkey, which has become one of the most famous foods in the Middle East. Is a processed mixture of nuts sprinkled on a sheet of dough that is savory and delicious. Sprinkled with sugar syrup makes this dessert ready to eat.
  • Trabzon Tea
    Of course, it cannot be separated when traveling to Turkey. One of the centers where the tea production is located is in the Black Sea, precisely in Trabzon. It is one of the best tea-producing areas in Istanbul.
  • Marzipan
    Marzipan is a dish most familiar to many visitors to Turkey. First introduced to Europeans, it has a paste-like shape made from Almonds. This form began to be developed since the time of King Suleiman and until now, many Marzipan sellers are under pressure there.
turkish ice cream

Hunt for Delicious Turkish Ice Cream With Fun

Surely many already know with this sweet food, Ice cream certainly makes many people happier. This sweet dessert is served with a variety of flavors and types. Each buyer will be presented with an annoying attraction by the ice cream seller. In addition to the very fresh taste, of course a buyer will be annoyed first.

Surely many of you are familiar with the sweetness of this ice cream, besides the texture of the ice cream that cannot be spilled, making it one of the important aspects that must be in this attraction. Why can’t the ice cream spill? The reason is because the gelatin content in the poem is very high.

This sweet food, known as boozaini in its home country, is one of the desserts sought after by many visitors. It’s not complete if you go to Turkey and haven’t tasted this sweet food. With certain techniques of making this eczema becomes very enjoyable during the day.

Making booze has a special technique that uses a stirring stick made of a root. If you travel to Cekmekoy, you don’t need to be afraid to look for this one dish. This dish can be easily found in gathering areas such as malls or playgrounds. It’s very easy to enjoy this one food. If you are lazy to go out, Cekmekoy’s door-to-door transportation service is ready to deliver this dish wherever it is.

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