Knowledge of the Most Exciting Istanbul Tour

Knowledge of the Most Exciting Istanbul Tour

Before going to a country or place you want to visit, of course you must know in advance about the place. Istanbul is a large city located in the country of Turkey, has many attractions, restaurants and nightlife which is very interesting to visit. In addition, Turkey is one of the cities with a myriad of cultures that are very interesting to learn.

Istanbul’s living population is estimated at 12 million to 19 million people. As one of the major cities in the European state, Istanbul has a district that is used as a residence for the people there. Divided into several areas with a lot of natural beauty that really spoils your eyes.

One of the cities that has a tourist scope is Cekmekoy. It is one of the oldest cities in Istanbul with about 7 million inhabitants in it. It has many amusement parks and places to relax which are very popular with tourists everywhere.

Of course, this can really help you in doing a deeper relaxation for each of your trips. Of course, knowing about the geographical location and what is in the country where you are visiting can make your trip easier to get with very satisfying results. Of course, traveling can’t be missed with the most reliable cekmekoy house-to-house shuttle service.

Galata Tower Instabul

Turkey’s Best Tourist Places With Lots of Beauty

Of course, when you are on a tour, the thing you are looking for is the beauty of the scenery and interesting places. Turkey which is one of the countries with a lot of beauty can cool the eyes of those who go to the country, but before traveling you must know in advance what places you want to see during your excursion. Maybe here are some recommendations for tourist attractions that must be visited :

  • Galata Tower Istanbul
    The tower, which is one of Istanbul’s tourist attractions, has a height of up to 67 meters. To go up you can take the stairs or the elevator to the top of the tower. One of the towers with the history of Istanbul since the 5th century, when the wooden tower was divided near the site of the Galata tower. The tower which is still standing today has undergone several restorations due to natural disasters that occurred several years ago. With a ticket price of 25 Lira, you can already enjoy the beautiful scenery there.
  • Galata Bridge Istanbul
    Istanbul’s extraordinary tourist attractions are a means of reminiscing about the heyday of the Ottoman Caliphate as well as a spear of history in seeking inspiration. Galata Bridge is one of many bridges that cross the Golden Horn Bay, in Istanbul. This bridge connects two cities namely Eminonu and Sirkeci which is an old city in Istanbul.
  • Istiqlal Caddesi
    This one tourist spot is a road where many important buildings are available. This trade center makes many tourists who go to Turkey to visit this place looking for unique souvenirs. In addition, many people spend time on vacation while taking pictures at cool monuments such as churches, mosques, synagogues, or Orthodox churches.

Happiness is definitely obtained when spending time in this one country, the opportunity to see historical heritage buildings while capturing the moment this time is definitely in a hurry. Shopping is also an important occasion when you go to this place.

Topkapi Palace Turkey

Amazed By The Beauty Of Topkapi Palace Turkey

Maybe many people have heard of this Turkish tourist spot. Topkap Palace is a palace that stands majestically in the city of Istanbul, Turkey where it is the official residence of the Ottoman Sultan for almost 600 years from 1465-1856.

The construction of the palace which was originally built in 1459 was a task given by Sultan Mehmed II. The palace construction complex consists of four main squares surrounded by small buildings. At the top of the palace itself can be inhabited by approximately 4000 people. Besides being a royal residence, one of these magnificent palaces is fortunate in organizing state events or royal entertainment.

One of the historical places can attract attention for the visitors who come to Turkey. Today, this place is one of the most important sacred relics of the Muslim world including relics of the sword and robe of the Prophet Muhammad.

The importance of making Topkapi Palace faded in the late 16th century as a sultan preferred to spend time in the new palace on the Bosphorus. After that in 1856 Sultan Abdul Mejid moved to the Dolmabahce palace.

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